Simple to set-up

from box to bar in no time

What Shape and set-up?

Portabar® is as big as you want it to be and whatever shape suits your occasion. Since it is designed to slot together it’s amazingly versatile and the same parts can be rearranged into different shapes. Plus if you buy one size, you can always add more components later!

Every event is different - with its range of interchangeable worktops Portabar® can easily transform to deliver. We can help to determine what set-up is right for you.

Portable bar 3-Bay
Portable bars 3-Bay
Mobile bar 3-Bay
Beer bar 3-Bay
Beer bars 3-Bay
Mobile bars 4-Bay With Corner
Pop up bar L-Shape
popup bar 5-Bay Straight
mobile cocktail bar 6-Bay Straight
wooden bar 5-Bay With Corners
moveable bar 5-Bay With Corners
wooden moveable bar 5-Bay With Corners
branded portable bar 8-Bay With Corners
cocktail portable bar 9-Bay Straight
lit mobile bar Octagonal
lit portable bar Standard Front Panels
pop-up bar Flight Case
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Your bar, exactly the way you want it


Looking for a complete package? We have a range of Portabar® bundles – large bars breaking down into a series of smaller ones. Uniquely Portabar is designed to meet the challenges of complex operations in the ever changing events market. Contact us now to discuss your specific requirements on +44 (0) 1453 704 550.

Portabar is truly versatile - all its components can transform from one shape to another, it never stands still! Just apply a different set of bartops and Portabar will transform into a new size and configuration.

Want to chat through an idea? Got some questions? Please get in touch at or +44 (0) 1453 704 550

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